A voucher once finalized and Audited should not be allowed to be edited. For any reason it is required to be edited, then such a change needs to be brought to the notice of the Auditor for Re-Auditing. This Tally add-on does not allow users to alter the audited transactions including the Admin. Audited Status of Vouchers is displayed in the Day book, Registers and Ledger.

Features :

  • Tally User assigned as Auditor can set a Single Voucher or Multiple Vouchers as Audited.
  • The Auditor can enter a remark for single or multiple vouchers.
  • Auditor’s name and Audit Date with remarks will be captured in the voucher on Audit.
  • In the day book, Vouchers will be shown as Audited / Un-Audited
  • The Audited Voucher cannot be altered by any other Tally user including the Admin.
  • To edit an Audited Voucher, Admin will first need to reset the voucher. This will remove the Auditor’s name from the voucher and the voucher will be marked as Un-audited.
  • Audited Voucher cannot be Deleted or Cancelled by Users. Admin can Delete / cancel the voucher but first he has to set the voucher as Un-Audited.

Another application of this tool can be to lock all the vouchers related to the GST Inward and Outward Supplies once the GSTR Returns are filed to maintain the integrity of the Tally Data vis-a-vis the data uploaded in the GST Portal.

The tool does not control addition of new vouchers in Tally. That can be achieved by Blocking Back Dated Vouchers in Tally