Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud


Hosted on Tier III & IV Data Centers, running on Genuine Windows Server 2012 platform, and available through multiple protocols - RDP, JAVA, HTML5. Access your Tally from Any OS & Any device.


You may use Thin Clients, Desktops, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS anything, It simply works perfect. An Ideal solution for Multi Office / Multi Branch business setup.


Firewalled networks, Encrypted Data Flow, Dedicated IP Addresses for every instance / customer. A highly secured infrastructure for you to be relaxed about your Tally & Data.


Import, Export or Backup your Tally data to your local disk at your office. As a security feature you can control access to local disks available to your users. Just drag and drop the files from/to your local computer & server. It's very easy to operate as you are already familiar with the Windows environment.


Upgradation of Users / Resources is as easy as you can think. You may require more users as your company grows. Just give us a call and we will upgrade your plan as per your requirement. Scalability is just a call away.


Thanks to AppAnywhere Universal Printing. You can create Invoices, Ledgers, etc. in Tally running on Cloud; and print it on your local printer, connected to your PC in your office. No printer drivers required, supports all the printers.


The Protocols and Technology used in AppAnywhere that is powering Tally on Cloud is fine-tuned and optimized for remote performance even on low bandwidth. You can connect using any CDMA 1X or higher network, 3G / 4G, or any Broadband. It simply works perfect!!


You may require applications like Kingsoft Office, Open Office. These applications can be made available at no extra cost. For Microsoft Office, extra charges may apply.


Backup Space is provided on the NAS at the data center wherein you can take regular manual or automated backups of your Tally or Files. Our team will help you in setting it up.

FAQ's on Tally on Cloud

Once you sign-up, your Tally License and your Tally data will be hosted at a Data Centre. With proper internet connectivity, users can access Tally on Cloud with their Username and Password. You will need to have your own Tally License which will be hosted on the cloud by us. Our executives will help you with the same using remote access to your Computer.

No, you will need a Multiuser Tally License to give concurrent access to multiple users.

Yes. Tally can be accessed using a browser.

Yes, we can upload all your tcp/tdl files on the cloud.

No. This is not a service by Tally Solutions Pvt.Ltd. It’s a 3rd Party Service

Generally people will want to access their Tally on Cloud from anywhere. But  if you need to restrict the access to certain locations, then you can do it by opting for a static IP from your internet service provider or by availing advanced security add-ons from us.

Our Tally on Cloud servers are hosted on a Tier-4 Certified Data Centre located at Noida. 

Tally on Cloud can work on low bandwidths. But stable internet connectivity is required.

Scheduling the Tally Data Backup is available. Your Administrates can also take the data backup on their local drives

Yes, you can print to your printer connected to your PC or connected on your office network as well as printers connected in other branch locations.

Yes. As and when you require more users, we can enable them and upgrade the Server infrastructure.

Yes. We provide Windows Environment. Most off the application will work off the cloud. However pls confirm with us beforehand what applications you want to use. Additional charges may apply for setup and configurations

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